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Jannie Hamman ©2016 - 19/08/2016

Updated - 09/10/2019 - Raspbian Buster on RPi3B

I started a Home Automation type system way back in 2001, when nobody used IoT (Internet of Things)!

It was a GSM SMS system only. As of late, I used newer technologies so as to say: JOINED THE IOT REVOLUTION!

Then again, even a pure SMS system is nowadays called IOT! Here my Project, sort of revived or evolved over the years...

I also changed PHP to get data from all devices in XML, where previously a flat file system was used.

A picture of RPi

The aim of this project is complete home automation.
You need to login as it include: (Demo's available above under HALP!)
Lighting control
Alarm system
Gate/Garage door control
Electric fence monitoring
IP cameras inside house (PTZ)
IP cameras outside house (Fixed)
Control of DVR security camera system
SMS system with full control of everything above (in case Internet is not available)

This webserver is connected to PIC boards with wireless IO.
I've used serial BlueTooth HC-05, nRF905 radios and ESP 12F's to realize!